Black Gold



Black Gold is an Indica dominant hybrid. This unreal 5-way cross of Black Domina X Afghanistan X Canadian X Northern Lights X Hash Plant is an Indica lovers dream. It features a spicy hash scent, with notes of pungent diesel and sour citrus. On the tongue the sour citrus flavours take hold, with hints of fresh herb and diesel fuel. The high kicks off with a potent, stony euphoria, leaving your mind blissfully unfocused. Soon after the sedative body buzz will pull you into a state of complete relaxation. You may find yourself sleepy and strongly attached to the surface your are sitting on. This strain is perfect for those seeking relief of chronic pain, inflammation, insomnia, and stress.


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1g – $10, 1/8oz – $35, 1/4oz – $55, 1/2oz – $100, 1oz – $150


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