Death Bubba



Bred in Vancouver BC by Sea to Sky Alternative Healing, Death Bubba is an infamously strong pure Indica strain. The product of crossing Death Star x Bubba Kush, it has a strong kush smell with pungent diesel, earth, pine, and hints of lemon. The taste is dank and earthy, with notes of diesel, pine, lemon and spice. Death Bubba is well know for it’s heavily sedating effects. Don’t let the initial rush of cerebral euphoria fool you, it quickly flips you in to state of profound physical and mental relaxation, leaving you spaced out and sedated. After which you’ll be lulled in to a deep, restful sleep for hours on end. Not recommended for daytime use. Death Bubba is excellent medicine to help with chronic pain, insomnia, depression, stress, and headaches.


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1g – $10, 1/8oz – $30, 1/4oz – $55, 1/2oz – $100, 1oz – $190