Kerosene Cookies



Bred by Enlightened Genetics Kerosene Cookies is a cross of Chem91 x Animal Cookies. This strain is an evenly balanced hybrid with a one of a kind terpene profile. The scent is an intense mixture of kerosene, gassy diesel, and that sweet cookies smell. The flavour is earthy diesel and sweet cookie dough with hints of garlic. The buzz is hard hitting, starting with an instant rush of cerebral euphoria that rips through your mind inducing an uplifted and calm, but also hazy, state of mind. Shortly after this calming haze will spread through your body leaving you relaxed but not sedated. Kerosene cookies a good choice to help with anxiety, depression, pain and nausea.


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1g – $10, 1/8oz – $40, 1/4oz – $70, 1/2oz – $120, 1oz – $220